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TSE mark
TSE mark


National region: Turkey

Conformity Assessment Agency: Turkish Society of Standards (TSE)

In addition to the CE logo, the Turkish government also publishes a list of compulsory import standards every year, mainly for food, industrial equipment, vehicles, fire products and textiles.

For products not covered by the EU Directive and products not covered by the EU Directive but still covered by the Turkish national mandatory standards, they must be inspected before importation in accordance with the requirements of the Turkish mandatory standards and obtain TSE certification before they can enter the Turkish market for sale through customs.

TSE Certification Scope in Turkey

Household electrical appliances: household gas cookers, elevator building and installation safety, household water heater, frying pan, frying pan, electric cup, small pan, load resistor, fluorescent lamp, etc.

Building supplies: wood preservatives, rubber, load-bearing wooden frame glue, wooden dashboard, radiator, fire-proof clothing, anti-high fuse, radiator and convective heater, fiberboard, plastic piping system, resilient floor, building glass, fire hose, geometric aggregate props, durability of wooden products, thick insoluble products, cement, cement and mortar Mixtures, anti-chemical liquid and gas coats, pigments and varnishes, adhesives, welding, ceramic tiles, etc.

Medical products: oxygen inhalation equipment, sound insulator, respirator, disinfector and biological system of disinfection process, packaging material system of disinfection instrument, sphygmomanometer, dental appliances, detoxified catheter, biological evaluation of medical instruments, double crutches, etc.

Mechanical supplies: flanges, copper and copper alloys, underground mine riot control equipment, trolleys, valves, gears, mechanical safety equipment, building bearings, industrial processing control valves, woodworking machinery, pressure flow control devices, escalators and passenger conveyor ladders, light liquids such as oil and gasoline separators, smoke and heat control systems, conveyor belts, etc.

Other Products: Fire Detection and Fire Alarm System, Toy Safety Equipment, Textiles, Gas Tank Multifunctional Control Device, Hot Water Pipeline, Drainage Equipment and Sewer Pipeline, Gardening Tools, Mobile Waste Tank, Portable Gas Tank, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Leather and Footwear Products Manufacturing Machines, Food, Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals, Sports Equipment, Children's Products, Steam Oil fuel, aviation supplies, photography, water quality, natural gas, glass containers, etc.+

TSE certification process in Turkey

1) TSE examination

(a) The Turkish Ministry of Industry and Trade authorizes the Turkish Bureau of Standards (TSE) to issue a confirmation letter for the conformity of products requiring CE marks before customs clearance.

B) According to the Turkish Official Gazette of Foreign Trade Standardization No. 2005/1, products under the control of Turkish compulsory standards must be inspected by Turkish Standards Bureau (TSE) and certified. If the importer declares that his products conform to the relevant international standards (ISO, CEN, IEC, CENELEC, ETSI), the inspection may be carried out according to international standards as required, otherwise the inspection will be carried out according to Turkish mandatory standards. The importer submits the TSE certificate to the Customs, which can be confirmed by the Customs.

(2) TSE Authentication Procedure

1) The applicant fills in the application form according to the requirements of TSE;

2) The TSE assesses the application and decides whether to accept it or not.

3) An inspection team is appointed by TSE.

4) TSE coordinates with the applicant to determine the inspection date, inspection process, trigger plan and accommodation arrangement when necessary;

5) The inspection team will inspect the equipment, production instruments, personnel and quality system in the place of production.

6) If the inspection results are qualified, the inspector will sample the finished products.

7) Samples will be tested and tested in qualified laboratories in accordance with the relevant standards.

8) If the product has CB certificate and report or CCA NTR certificate and report, it is not necessary to be tested but to be compared and evaluated.

9) The inspection report issued by the inspection team and the test report or evaluation report issued by the laboratory shall be submitted to the certification committee by the Certification Department for examination and approval, and the final decision shall be made by the certification committee.

10) If the Accreditation Committee decides to authorize it to use the TSE logo, the applicant company and TSE must issue a certificate after signing a licensing contract.

(3) The application form should be completed by the applicant.

If the application form is filled out by the authorized representative of the applicant institution, the authorized representative must submit official documents to prove his authorized identity of the applicant institution.

The applicant must fill in the application form for a product or a product category and a place of production.

If there is not only one place of production, then each place of production needs to fill in a separate application form.

When a product has the same characteristics and is produced in the same place of production but has different trademarks, it can be specified in the same application form. At this time, the manufacturer must provide a consistency statement for each trademark.


A. The application form and its attachments must be readable. Please hand over these documents or mail them to the TSE Authentication Department by registered mail, shipping and shipping. The address can be obtained from the TSE website.

B. Authorized signature on behalf of the applicant also indicates that the information on the form is correct (please confirm the correctness of the information before signing), and that the applicant is responsible for any errors or misleading information;

C. The application must be in Turkish or English. If the documents are not in these two languages, they should be translated into Turkish by the consulate of the applicant country or by a legally recognized translator in Turkey. The translated version and the original version will be submitted together.

(4) Administrative Additional Documents

A. Official documents indicating the legal status of the applicant body

Turkey's application abroad requires an official document certified by the Turkish Embassy or Consulate of the country in which the name, address, scope of activities of the organization, its representatives and contract authorizers are indicated.

B. Signature Book of Authorizers of Applicant Institutions

If the application is from a Turkish foreign country, it must be confirmed by the Turkish Embassy or Consulate.

C. Trademark Registration Certificate

The certificate must be issued by the Turkish Patent Office or the protection of the trademark in Turkey must be confirmed by the Patent Office. But:

If the trademark of the product is not yet protected in Turkey, it can also be temporarily accepted if documents are provided indicating that an application has been submitted to the Patent Office (the maximum period of temporary acceptance may be 18 months).

If an application is made abroad, the document must be confirmed by the Turkish Embassy or Consulate.

If the ownership of a registered trademark does not belong to the applicant, a written license (or agreement) will be issued by the trademark owner.

The applicant is allowed to use the trademark. The document must be submitted together with the trademark registration certificate. The agreement must be certified by a notary.

D. For foreign applications, contract documents indicating the agreement between the applicant and the producer shall be confirmed by the Turkish Embassy or Consulate.

E. Registration Certificate granted by the designated Chamber of Commerce.

F. Advance receipt (copies can be submitted).

(5) Advance expenses

If the production land inspection is carried out in Turkey, the advance payment amount shall be at least 500,000,000 TL.

If the production land inspection is carried out outside Turkey, the advance payment will be 10,000 euros, but if more than one production plant is applied for, an additional 2,500 euros will be required for each additional site.

These advances will be deposited in the TSE Finance Department or one of the TSE bank accounts.

For factory inspection abroad, the inspection team charges 350 euros per person per day for service.

The cost of factory inspection includes service fee plus travel fee, accommodation fee and living expenses.

The cost of certification is factory inspection fee, product testing fee and certification fee.

In addition, a certificate-eligible institution should pay a performance margin of 2,000,000,000 TL for each certified product, which can be paid in cash or by bank guarantee letter without time limit.

(6) Additional technical documents to be submitted

For electrical products, CIG 22-Section B form should be filled in and submitted together with the application form.

For non-electrical products, the FR-39-Section B form should be filled in and submitted with the application form.

Product categories;

Technical drawings/sketches of products (if applicable);

Colour photographs of the product (appearance, internal details of the product in natural state), including, if necessary, the state in electronic environment (if applicable);

Identification/label samples (must be easily identifiable);

Patterns or photographs of registered trademarks to be used by the product.

(7) Documents submitted when holding CCA-NTR certificates and reporting applications:

A. CIG 22-Section B form is submitted with the application form;

B. If there is a copy of the CIG 23 form filled out by CCA members, Please add ENEC attachments to lighting products.

C. CCA Test Result Notice (NTR) or Test Result Statement. TR) and complete test report form;

D. Including test reports on national differences (if applicable);

E. List of electronic components, including reference models/names (which are certified by which NCB);

F. The nameplate or pattern indicates the information required by the relevant EN standards, the authentication identification and the name/code of the country of origin;

G. Technical drawings and circuit drawings (if applicable);

H. Manual of operation (if applicable);

I. Product photos or brochures (if applicable);

J. A sample (with the number of test results announcement (NTR) or test results statement (STR) issued by CCA member agencies);

K. Patterns or photographs of registered trademarks to be used by products;

L. The product/equipment submitted differs from the sample previously tested in NCB (if appropriate, the name of the NCB).

(8) Additional technical information to be submitted for applications with CB certificates and reports

A. Fill in the CIG 22-Section B form and submit with the application form;

B. CB certificates and complete CB reports;

C. Including test reports on national differences (if applicable);

D. List of electronic components, including reference models/names (which are certified by which NCB);

E. nameplates or designs indicate the information required by the relevant EN standards, authentication marks and country of origin names/codes;

F. Technical drawings, circuit drawings (if applicable);

G. Manual of operation (if applicable);

H. Product photos or brochures (if applicable);

I. A sample (to be identified by the number of the CB certificate issued by Body A);

J. Patterns or photographs of registered trademarks to be used in products;

K. The product/equipment submitted is different from the sample previously tested in NCB (if appropriate, the name of the NCB can be written).

Fill in the application form

The applicant should fill in the form.

If the application form is filled out by an authorized representative of the applicant body

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