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SIQ mark
The Slovenian Institute of Quality and Measurement (SIQ) is an international institution with a history of more than 40 years. It is one of the members of IQnet, CB system and CCA agreement. It has its own laboratory. It is an international certification body with collective system certification, product testing, certification and measurement. It is headquartered in Slovenia. In CB system, it has the functions of Member Body, NCB and CBTL. In Europe, it is the authorized body of nearly ten instructions. After passing the test, the test report can be issued, and the certificates or marks are CB, CE, FCC, GS, E-mark, etc. At the same time, KEYMARK (for household appliances and similar products), ENEC mark (for lighting appliances, IT, audio and video, transformers, etc.) and SIQ EMC mark are available.

SIQ Certification overview

Nature: Voluntary

Requirements: Safety

Voltage: 230 Vac

Frequency: 50Hz

Member States of the CB System: Yes

SIQ Logo Authentication Program

Customer information (including name, address, contact person and contact method of applicant, listed person and manufacturer).

Product description (including but not limited to the following)

1. Product Name

2. Product Model

3. Product Usage - Please tell us how and where to use your product. For example: family, outdoor office, factory, coal mine, ship, etc.

4. Parts list - Please provide the name and model, rating and manufacturer's information of the parts and components of the product. If the parts have been certified by UL, please indicate the UL file number of the parts. We encourage customers to use UL-labeled components as much as possible to shorten the experimental time and reduce engineering costs. If there are multiple suppliers for a part, they can be supplied together.

5. Performance and specifications: such as size, rated voltage, current, frequency and power, etc.

6. Structural drawings: For most products, we need structural drawings or explosion drawings, spare parts list, etc. Please indicate the name and size of each part in the drawings, so as to correspond to the parts list or spare parts list one by one.

7. For electronic and electrical products, please provide the schematic diagram (circuit diagram).

8. Photographs, instructions for use, safety matters or installation instructions of the product, etc.

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