International Certification


Professional international testing and certification service organization

HTT has been focusing on international testing and certification business for many years. Our technical experts are proficient in various international testing equipment and are familiar with the certification process of various countries. They can provide you with professional services and save you time, avoid intermediate links, and be more convenient. Efficiently solve authentication problems. We have a deep understanding of certification regulations and standards. Can assist customers to solve various problems in customs clearance of goods. Make sure the product is licensed by the government related to certification.

We have accumulated rich experience in product certification markets such as the European Union, the United States, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East, and have served many well-known domestic and foreign enterprises. It has played an active and important role in the success of the enterprise and is your preferred product testing and certification body.

International Certification


欧盟 CE认证
澳洲 RCM认证
环保 ROHS认证
印度 BIS认证
德国 GS认证
新加坡 PSB认证
ISO 9001 - 质量管理体系认证
美国 FCC认证
墨西哥 NOM认证
沙特 SABER认证