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Reliability testing

Introduction of Environmental Test Laboratory:

In today's society, the market competition is increasingly fierce. The focus of competition among brand enterprises is not only on the function and appearance of products, but also on the quality and reliability of products. In recent years, environmental testing equipment has been invested more and more in environmental testing equipment, equipped with a variety of environmental testing equipment. By using various environmental testing equipment to simulate the temperature and humidity changes in the climatic environment, accelerating the failure of the product in the use environment, verifying whether it achieves the expected quality objectives in R&D, design and manufacturing, and providing overall evaluation for the product to determine the reliability life of the product.

HTT Environmental Test Laboratory has perfect safety and regulation testing equipment, the main equipment are imported international brands: with a number of large-scale constant temperature and humidity box, fast temperature change box, large drying box, shaking table, mechanical impact table, drop test, salt spray test, water-proof, dust-proof tester, and other environmental testing equipment.

Scope of service:

Tailor-made reliability design and test scheme;

Professional reliability testing team tests your products.

Professional solutions to all technical and test questions on Reliability

Efficient on-site testing arrangements and urgent production of product testing reports to solve your urgent need;

One-to-one customer service specialist and technical engineer, let you feel intimate service in the testing process.

Scope of business:

1. Computer category: computer, display screen, host computer, computer components, medical equipment and other precision instruments.

2. Electronic communication: mobile phones, radio frequency devices, electronic communication components, etc.

3. Electrical appliances: household appliances, lamps, transformers and other kinds of household appliances equipment;

4. Others: packing boxes, transportation equipment, etc.

Detection range

Mechanical environmental testing:

Test items

Reference standard

Common test parameters

Vibration Test

IEC 60068-2-6(GB2423.10), 
GB/T 4857.7
ISO 2247ASTM D999...

Vibration testing demonstrates the integrity of the mechanical structure of the product:

Amplitude: 2mm, frequency: 5-17Hz, 19-200 acceleration: 9.8m/s2, time: 15min, direction (axis): X, Y, Z

Transportation Packaging Testing - Sinusoidal Fixed Frequency Vibration:

Amplitude: 10mm, frequency: 3-4.6Hz, acceleration: 5-11m/s2, time: 30min

 Shock Test

IEC 60068-2-27(GB/T 2423.5), 

Unpackaged products were the main test items.

Shock shape: half sine wave, square wave and sawtooth wave. Generally, three axes and six sides are adopted, and three shocks per side are the main specifications.

Free fall Test

IEC60068-2-32(GB/T 2423.8),ISTAGB/T4857.5...

Non-packaged products:

The height is 1000mm, the falling position is 6 sides, twice, the test surface is made of concrete or steel.

Impact test

IEC60068-2-29(GB/T 2423.6),GB/T 4857.20...

Transport Samples for Non-Portable Equipment

Peak acceleration: 400m/s2, duration: 6ms, number of collisions: 1000

Climate and Environmental Testing:

Test items

Reference standard

Common test parameters

Damp heat Test

IEC 60068-2-78(GB/T 2423.3), 
IEC 60068-2-30(GB/T 2423.4)
EIA 364...

40 C, 93% RH, time: 12H (minimum)

Fast temperature test

IEC 60068-2-38(GB/T 2423.34),GJB150.5...

From - 10 C to 65 C, 24 H cycle 10 times

Dry Heat test

IEC 60068-2-2(GB/T 2423.2),EIA 364 

+55 (+) 2 (+) C, duration: 4H (minimum)

Cold test

IEC 60068-2-1(GB/T 2423.1), 
EIA 364

- 10 (+) 3 (+) C, duration: 4H (minimum)

Use in simulated cold area: - 40 C, duration: 4H (minimum)

Salt mist Test

IEC60068-2-11(GB/T 2423.17),
ISO 4628.3, ASTM B117 , JIS-Z2371...

Salt fog can be divided into three categories:

Neutral salt spray test (NSS test) (solution: PH value adjusted in the neutral range (6.5-7.2), test temperature of 35 C)

Acetic acid salt spray test (ASS test) (solution: adding some glacial acetic acid, PH value reduced to about 3)

Accelerated Acetate Spray Test with Copper Salt (CASS test) (test temperature 50 C, adding a small amount of Copper Salt-Copper Chloride in salt solution)

Test time: 16H (minimum)

IP test


Dust-proof: IP1X-IP6X

Waterproof: IPX0-IPX8

ADD:7/F, Block A, Baoan Zhigu Science Park, 4 Yintian Road, Xixiang, Baoan District, Shenzhen
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