Shenzhen HTT Technology Co.,Ltd.


Based in Shenzhen, relying on the Pearl River Delta, radiating the whole country and influencing the world.

A comprehensive service platform integrating testing, inspection, certification and enterprise solution functions.





Address: 1st Floor, Block B, Huafeng International Robot Industrial Park, Gushu, Xixiang Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen 

Responsibility Mission - Leader in Testing and Certification Industry

As an independent, impartial and authoritative third-party testing and certification service organization, we will build an international testing and certification group as our mission.

Create a safe and sustainable future with our inspection, testing and certification services.


Technical advantages


Time advantage


Price advantage

With a professional technical team, we have accumulated rich work experience in long-term product certification and testing. Solve the problem of enterprise certification in the shortest time.Familiar with various international testing and certification processes, routine testing can be completed as soon as 5 working days after receiving the materials, saving you waiting time.As an authoritative third-party laboratory, it can directly test and issue certificates for routine certification. Reduce intermediate processes and costs, provide optimal solutions, and provide enterprises with the most affordable prices.

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