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VCCI is an EMC certification mark in Japan, which is managed by the Voluntary Control Council for Interference by Information Technology Equipment. VCCI certification is not compulsory, but information technology products sold in Japan are generally required to be VCCI certification. The manufacturer should first apply for membership in VCCI before using the VCCI logo. In order to obtain VCCI approval, the EMI test reports provided must be issued by VCCI registered and approved testing institutions. There is no standard for immunity in Japan at present.


Japan's VCCI certification is specially for the electromagnetic emission control of IT equipment. This certification belongs to the EMC certification of products, which is different from the certification system of various products in other countries. VCCI certification is non-compulsory, based entirely on voluntary principles, but it has been adopted by many companies to prove the quality of products. Therefore, VCCI certification is only 'voluntary' in theory, and market pressure makes it implemented in practice. Only VCCI laboratory members are eligible for this certification, i.e. only laboratories with VCCI certificates can produce such reports. The membership of VCCI is worldwide, not limited to Japan.

Manufacturers need to become members of VCCI to use VCCI labels. Global manufacturers can become members of the organization by paying their membership fees and annual membership fees. That is, after receiving the product test report, customers have to pay the membership fee and membership fee to VCCI before using the VCCI label, which is the so-called registration procedure in Japan.

Products that pass the VCCI standard will be allowed to have the correct VCCI label on the product. Grade A label of the product should indicate that the product conforms to the RF radiation clause. On the contrary, Grade B product only needs to display basic VCCI symbols.

Attention: That is, the certification is only for IT computer peripheral equipment, not for any electronic and electrical products, other products are applicable.


1. The manufacturer or agent submits an oral or written preliminary application to the certification company.

2. The applicant fills in the application form and sends the application form, product instructions and technical documents to the certification company (if necessary, the applicant company is required to provide a prototype).

3. The certification company draws up the plan and quotes the price.

4. The applicant confirms the quotation, signs back the quotation sheet, and sends the samples and related technical documents to the certification company.

5. The applicant provides technical documents.

6. The certification company issues a fee notice to the applicant, and the applicant prepays the fee according to the fee notice.

7. Certification companies review technical documents and organize relevant certification activities.

8. If the technical documents are not perfect or the required language is not used, the certification company will notify the applicant of improvement.

9. If the test is not qualified, the certification company will notify the applicant in time and decide whether to suspend the project according to the situation, allowing the applicant to improve the product. The applicant shall change the technical data in the original application in order to reflect the actual situation after the change.

10. The certification company will issue a supplementary fee notice to the applicant for the rectification fees involved in Articles 9 and 10 of this page.

11. The applicant shall pay the rectification fee according to the notice of supplementary fees.

12. Certification companies provide test reports or technical documents to applicants, as well as VCCI conformity certificates.

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