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KC-Mark brief introduction

The Ministry of Knowledge Economy of Korea (MKE) announced on August 25, 2008 that the National Standards Committee will implement a new national unified certification mark named 'KC Mark' from July 2009 to December 2010.

The new logo is called KC Mark, which stands for Korea Certification. The current 13 mandatory signs will eventually be unified under this new one.

One result of this move is to reduce the cost of certification for suppliers and make KC Mark a world brand certification. However, there is a shortcoming. The recently promulgated KCC logo will only be implemented for a few years, and will eventually be unified under the new KC logo.

KC Mark Implementation plan

December 2008: Renewal of National Basic Laws and Acts

July 2009: MKE began to implement the national unified logo

January 2009-December 2010: Improving Regulations Related to Certification Standards

January 2011: Complete the National Uniform Mark to all compulsory certification

Technical information required for application

1. Application Form

2. Product Descriptions (or User's Manuals): Korean Version

3. List of critical components

4. Insulation Material Catalogue (Specified Products)

5. Circuit Diagram

6. Letter of authorization

7. Marking Label

8. Questionnaire

9. Specification of Transformer

10. Preparing samples (the number of samples depends on the type of product) (Products)

KC Mark Certified Product Catalogue

KC Mark Certification Products List

According to the 'Korean Electrical Appliances Safety Management Law', since January 1, 2009, electrical appliances safety certification can be divided into mandatory certification and self-regulatory (voluntary) certification.

Compulsory certification means that all electronic products belonging to compulsory products must obtain KC Mark certification before they can be sold in the Korean market. Every year, they need to undergo Factory review and product sampling test.

Self-regulatory (voluntary) certification means that all electronic products belonging to voluntary products need to be tested and certified without factory review. The certificate is valid for five years.

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