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ETL mark
ETL is the most dynamic safety certification mark in North America. Its history can be traced back to the electrical testing laboratory founded by Thomas Edison in 1896. ETL is widely known and recognized in North America. ETL logo is the exclusive logo of Intertek Tianxiang Group, the world's leading quality and safety organization. The product representatives who have obtained ETL logo meet the mandatory standards of North America and can enter North American market smoothly.

brief introduction

ETL SEMKO is part of Intertek Testing Services Limited, the world's largest product and commodity inspection organization, with 240 laboratories and 469 offices in 93 countries in North America, Europe and Asia. ETL SEMKO provides product safety testing and certification, EMC testing, product performance testing, and registration of quality management systems in various industries such as medicine, HVAC, appliances, telecommunications, aviation, automation, semiconductor, building materials, energy generation systems, etc.

Any electrical, mechanical or electromechanical product with ETL inspection marks indicates that it has been tested to meet the relevant industry standards. Each industry has different testing standards, so the requirements for specific products must be consulted with professional staff. The wide application of ETL inspection marks in cable products shows that they have passed the relevant tests.

In most parts of the United States, approval of electrical products is mandatory. ETL refers to ETL Testing Laboratories Inc. ETL's listed products are recognized by the "Authorities Having Jurisdiction" and can be considered "approved".

Factory inspection

ETL needs factory inspection before issuing the certificate, and then it will follow up the factory inspection from time to time every quarter. Besides the factory inspection fee, ETL also needs to pay the certificate license fee on a quarterly basis.

If necessary, the inspector may witness the re-test of the product or test it in the laboratory after sampling. The licensee must sign a statutory contract (service agreement) with ETL, which clearly defines the manufacturer's responsibility and the conditions for the continuous listing of ETL and the use of ETL logo.

Application document

Until 2013, there are two ways to obtain ETL certificate. One is to transfer the ETL certificate through CB test report or to apply directly. The required documents are as follows:


2. Copy of CB test certificate (no need for direct application)

3. Copy of CB test report (no need for direct application)

4. sample

5. Other relevant test results and product data, such as product manuals, photos, component lists and so on.

American Certification.
ETL is short for Electrical Testing Laboratories. ETL Laboratory was founded by American inventor Edison in 1896. It enjoys a high reputation in the United States and around the world. Like UL and CSA, ETL can test and issue ETL certification marks according to UL standard or American national standard, or at the same time test and issue composite certification marks according to UL standard or American national standard and CSA standard or Canadian standard. The "us" at the lower right applies to the United States, the "c" at the lower left applies to Canada, and the "us" and "c" at the same time apply to both countries.。

Application standard

Any electrical, mechanical or electromechanical product with ETL marks indicates that the product has met the minimum requirements of the generally recognized product safety standards of the United States and Canada, and that it has been tested to meet the relevant product safety standards.

ETL also requires that its production site has been inspected, and the applicant agrees to conduct regular follow-up inspections of its plant thereafter to ensure that the product always meets this requirement.

Scope of application

After testing, the company meets the relevant product safety standards, which means that manufacturers agree to receive strict periodic inspection to ensure the consistency of product quality and can be sold to the markets of the United States and Canada.


(1) ETL Inspection Mark Any electrical, mechanical or mechanical product with ETL Inspection Mark indicates that it has been tested to meet the relevant industry standards.

(2) ETL listing marks Any electrical, mechanical or mechanical product with ETL marks indicates that it has been tested to meet the relevant product safety standards.

Related content

ETL certification is the certification required for the export of products to the United States and Canada. The ETL logo indicates that the product has passed the accreditation test of NRTL in the United States or SCC in Canada. ETL logo recognition has the same validity as UL or CSA logo and meets the relevant safety standards. The fact that the product has ETL listing marks means that it has met the minimum requirements of product safety standards. In addition, the ETL logo indicates that the manufacturer's production site meets the requirements of a certain range of standards and ensures consistency through regular follow-up factory reviews. ETL has been around for more than 100 years. The three letters ETL are short for Electrical Testing Labs, founded by the inventor Mr. Edison in 1896. ETL represents innovation, influence, independent and open product testing and rich experience.

ETL US logo (only us, no c): Safety logo cETL logo (only c, no us): Safety logo cETL US logo for products entering the Canadian market: Safety logo factory for products entering the American market and Canadian market needs to check the ETL certification of the United States four times, Canada twice a year; with both of them four times a year.

The difference between UL and ETL

1. UL and ETL represent products that have passed the National Accredited Testing Laboratory (NRTL) test and meet the corresponding safety standards. So the real difference is service. As a customer of ETL, you can enjoy customized testing, inspection and certification services, fast operation cycle and flexible working methods. We are creating a closer working style with our customers so that your products can enter the market faster, smoother and more efficiently.

2. ETL certification and UL certification have the same North American market access effect, but the cost of ETL certification is much lower than UL certification, generally only half of UL certification. Moreover, the product testing of ETL certification can be transferred through CB test report, which can save you a lot of testing costs.

3. ETL certification time is much shorter than UL certification. Under special circumstances, ETL can issue a certificate first and then conduct Factory review to save valuable time for your product export.

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