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EPA mark

EPA is the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Its main task is to protect human health and the natural environment.

The EPA is headquartered in Washington, D.C., with 10 local offices and dozens of laboratories. There are 18,000 employees in the United States. More than half of them are engineers, scientists and policy analysts. Responsible for setting up national standards for many environmental projects and monitoring the implementation and compliance of mandatory standards.

EPA unites state and local governments to issue a series of commercial and industrial licenses. EPA certifies that EPA's main purpose is to protect people's health and the ecological environment - air, water and land, the environment on which we live. More than 30 years after its founding, EPA has been working to create a clean and healthy environment for all Americans.

If the EPA requirements are met, the EPA will issue a certificate of conformity.

brief introduction

There are 18,000 employees in EPA headquarters, 10 local offices and 17 laboratories nationwide, employing highly educated and technically trained staff, mostly engineers, scientists and environmental protection experts. The EPA Chief Executive is appointed by the President.

EPA has a leading position in national environmental science and related surveys, education and assessment. EPA works closely with other federal agencies, state and local governments and Indian security zones to further develop and strengthen existing environmental regulations. EPA is responsible for investigating various environmental plans and formulating national standards, issuing relevant licenses on behalf of States and departments, monitoring and enhancing consistency. If national standards are not met, EPA may issue approval to help states and localities meet the environmental standards required by other measures. Similarly, EPA's local offices work with other industry organizations and governments at all levels on various voluntary pollution prevention plans and energy conservation. [1]

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EPA leads the development and enforcement of environmental science, research, education and assessment in the United States.

EPA is responsible for setting up national standards for many environmental projects and monitoring the implementation and compliance of mandatory standards. EPA Union State and

Local governments issue a series of commercial and industrial licenses. Providing financial assistance

EPA supports high-quality research projects in state, non-profit and educational institutions. Completion of environmental research sponsorship voluntary organizations and projects

EPA cooperates with more than 10,000 industrial and commercial, non-profit organizations, state and local governments on more than 40 voluntary pollution control projects and energy conservation through headquarters and local offices.

On January 1, 2006, the EPA of the United States will implement new environmental protection regulations. Automobiles and motorcycles exported to the United States must pass the EPA certification, obtain the EPA certificate and affix the logo before entering the United States market.

If the product is sold in 49 states except California, only EPA certification is required; if the product needs to be exported to California, CARB certification is required.

Prophase work

Application for manufacturer's code (with the cooperation of the manufacturer)

Identification of contacts

Preparation of product information (with the cooperation of the manufacturer)

Testing of small engines (requiring factory cooperation)

Submission of applications

* Product information includes product technical information, contact person, type of gasoline engine to be certified, serial number and so on. If you need to keep it confidential, please state that it is "commercial secret"


EPA Supervisor: Inspection and certification of diesel/gasoline engine equipment, retail automotive parts, gas, water treatment equipment, drinking water, pesticides, etc.

EPA audit process

The EPA needs 30 days (the shortest time) to review the submissions to determine whether they meet its requirements. As part of the review process, EPA will determine whether additional information is required and/or whether confirmation tests are required.

* In the process, EPA will contact the factory contact person if there is any problem or need to submit other information. This process takes longer.


If the EPA requirements are met, the EPA will issue a certificate of conformity.

Once the EPA determines that it meets the regulatory requirements, a certificate of compliance will be issued to the engine family. The validity date listed on the certificate is the date when the certificate-covered engine can be introduced into the business. Certificates expire at the end of production or on December 31 of the specified type year, depending on which date is earlier. In most cases, the effective date of the certificate is the date of issuance of the certificate.

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