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The NOM (Normas Oficiales Mexicanas) logo is a mandatory safety logo in Mexico to indicate that the product meets the relevant NOM standards. NOM logo is applicable to most products, including telecommunications and information technology equipment, household electrical appliances, lamps and other products with potential health and safety hazards. Products manufactured locally or imported from Mexico must comply with relevant NOM standards and product labeling requirements.

According to Mexican law, the holder of NOM must be a Mexican company responsible for the quality, maintenance and reliability of the product. Test reports are issued by SECOFI accredited laboratories and examined by SECOFI, ANCE or NYCE. If the product meets the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, a certificate is issued to the Mexican representative of the manufacturer or exporter so that the product can be marked with NOM.

I. Preface

The German Rhine Mexico Company and its registered laboratory partners work together.

Safety Testing of NOM Certification Process for Multiple Products

Mexico has two validation units to issue NOMMark

- NOMNYCE: Validation covers all electronic and information products and data processing equipment, but excludes household appliances (except microwave ovens)

- NOMANCE: Validation covers all electrical appliances and similar products (e.g. household appliances)

Not applicable to IEC standards, applicable to NOM standards

No EMC testing required

II. Technical Information

1. Mexican voltage 127V/60Hz

2. The plug is the same as the American plug. One is ClassI with three connectors, the other is ClassII with two connectors. The plug will be tested with the device itself.

Three, certification

Certificates are valid for one year and can be renewed annually.

When updating a certificate, a product should be sampled randomly from the market in advance so that it can be sent to the laboratory for testing.

Product packaging should include the following information: product name, brand name, model and NOM certification mark

IV. Document requirements

CB Test Report and Certificate

Name, address and contact person of importer or distributor in Mexico

Testing data, design drawings, specifications and circuit diagrams

Spanish label

The original manual in Spanish

Additional documents required by a sample importer or distributor

Copies of the Company's Authorization Form and the Uniform Number of the Company

Powerof Attorney

Legal proxy official certificate

Letter Paper with Company Name

Copies of registered companies with tax payment certificates

V. Audit Time

5-6 weeks after the submission of all documents, once the NOM application is completed, the original certificate and report will be sent to the local agent in Mexico. The original company will receive a copy of the fax. The original certificate and report should be properly kept by the agent as reference material for future inspection and use.

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