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INMETRO is Brazil's Accreditation Body, responsible for setting Brazilian national standards. Most of Brazil's product standards are based on IEC and ISO standards. Manufacturers who need to export products to Brazil should refer to these two standards when designing their products. For products meeting Brazilian standards and other technical requirements, mandatory INMETRO logos and accredited third-party certification bodies must be added in order to enter the Brazilian market.

The application of INMETRO logo can be divided into two categories, compulsory and voluntary, which are certificated by certification authority (CB). In addition, the Brazilian government also stipulates that some products should have energy efficiency labels (smiley face labels), which are directly certified by INMETRO without the participation of certification bodies.

Mandatory Categories

Steel pipe

Cast iron pipe accessories

Wire rope

Automotive and motorcycle tyres, wheels, batteries, shock absorbers, fuel pumps, horns, engine pistons, piston rings, piston pins, spring clips, safety glass lamps and automotive accessories

Active medical devices

Circuit breaker

Live equipment used in explosive environment (explosion proof certification)

Relevant equipment of gas system (pressure relief valve and rubber pipe)

Switches, plugs and sockets


Wires and cables

Voltage regulator

Home Appliance Products

IT equipment [1]

Voluntary categories

Industrial Valves

Building materials, etc. [2]

3-phase motor

Photovoltaic modules, etc. [3]

Authentication process
In INMETRO certification, the most widely used certification mode is the international general certification mode 5, which includes the test of the product itself and the audit of the factory quality management system. At the same time, the model also requires preliminary examination and supervision and audit. The specific process is as follows:

First instance:

Analysis of Product Technical Documents

Define product family and determine the type of test product

Initial factory audit


Laboratory assessment (if applicable)

Witness test (if applicable)

Importer Audit

Certification process review

Certificate issued

Follow-up supervision and audit:

According to the Brazilian Act, different products have different inspection cycles, usually 6/9/12 months. The process is as follows:

Importer Audit


Factory audit

Laboratory assessment (if applicable)

Witness test (if applicable)

Importer Audit

Certification process review

Renewal certificate

Application for certification

Domestic factories and traders may apply to Brazilian government-authorized certification bodies.

Certification mark
The compulsory certification of INMETRO must be identified in accordance with the relevant provisions of INMETRO. Some products require the label of the product itself and the product packaging.

Term of validity
According to the INMETRO Act, different products have different certification validity periods. Generally 3 years (e.g. steel pipe) or 4 years (e.g. auto parts).

Matters needing attention

1. In Brazil, plugs must meet the standard NBR 14136, NBR NM 60884-1. On January 1, 2009, NEMA plugs were officially eliminated.

2. If CB reports of circuit breaker products are issued by other laboratories, some tests must be added (the scheme is designated by Brazil);

3. For small circuit breakers, the I2t curve of each current must be submitted before authentication.

4. We have LCIE test report and CIG023 report for electronics, which can be directly transferred to INMETRO certificate.

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