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REACH mark

REACH is the EU Regulation 'Chemicals Registration, Assessment, Licensing and Restriction'. It is a proposal of regulations concerning the safety of chemical production, trade and use. The regulations are aimed at protecting human health and environmental safety, maintaining and improving the competitiveness of the EU chemical industry, as well as developing innovative capabilities of non-toxic and harmless compounds, preventing market fragmentation, increasing transparency in the use of chemicals, and promoting. Enter non-animal experiments and pursue social sustainable development.

The REACH Directive requires that chemicals imported and produced in Europe must be registered, assessed, authorized and restricted through a comprehensive set of procedures to better and more simply identify the chemical components to ensure environmental and human safety.

REACH, unlike the RoHS directive, covers a much wider range of products and manufacturing processes in almost all industries, from mining to textile and apparel, light industry, electromechanical, etc. REACH requires manufacturers to register every chemical component in their products to measure its potential harm to public health. REACH establishes the idea that society should not introduce new materials, products or technologies if their potential hazards are uncertain.

According to the EU REACH regulations, the substance with one or more of the following hazard characteristics that cause high concern is SVHC (high concern substance):

(1) Class 1, Class 2 carcinogenic, teratogenic, reproductive toxic substances, namely CMR1/2 substances;

(2) Persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic substances, namely PBT substances;

(3) substances with high persistence and bioaccumulation, i.e. vPvB substances;

(4) Substances with endocrine disruption characteristics, or persistence, bioaccumulation and toxicity, or high persistence, high bioaccumulation but not in accordance with the criteria of 2 or 3, and with scientific evidence showing serious effects on human beings or the environment.

With the increasing supervision of REACH regulation in EU member states, enterprises are keenly aware of the importance and urgency of REACH regulation. Among them, the supply chain information transmission of high-concern substances (SVHC) is the legal obligation that goods must fulfill in the circulation of the European market. With the increasing of SVHC, the pressure of goods manufacturers and importers will be increasing. How to meet the requirements of REACH regulations and improve the competitiveness of their products is a matter that enterprises need to think carefully.

HTT Ring-pass Testing, as the authoritative third-party testing agency in China, can audit the products of high concern (SVHC) and issue REACH-compliant reports to meet the requirements of the EU market. In this way, the products of enterprises can enter the EU market quickly, improve the competitiveness of products and promote the image of enterprises.

REACH certification preferred ring-link detection, consultation telephone: 0755-23595200

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