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ELOT mark

ELOT can be applied to certification procedures and systems (e.g. ISO certification system).

After being amended by Law 1682/1997 and Presidential Decree 155/1997 'Integration and Decree of the Greek Standardization Organization of Companies', ELOT is entrusted to develop certification activities in Decree 372/76 'Establishment and Operation of ELOT'. According to the ministerial resolution signed by the Ministry of Development, the certification procedure of the Greek Standardization Organization, ELOT can be applied to the certification procedure and system (e.g. ISO certification system). Under this procedure, ELOT grants certification certificates, which are called ELOT certification certificates, indicating that products, procedures, actions, organizations, systems and individuals meet the specifications.

For products that meet Greek standards, European Standards (EN), European Experimental Standards (CEN), Harmonized Documents (HD), European Telecommunications Standards (ETSI), and Testing European Telecommunications Standards (I-ETS), qualified labels issued by ELOT, CEN or CENELEC or ETSI are awarded, which are called Greek qualified labels.

ELOT is a joint certification organization authorizing the issuance of these logos.

ELOT also uses its equipment and personnel, or authorized third-party collaboration, to sample, test, inspect, and evaluate processes and systems.

Product certification

In the General Principles, product certification includes product certification schemes, product certification and specific rules for each product, which are formulated in accordance with ISO/IEC related guidelines and ISO 45000 series standards.

ELOT has developed and implemented certification schemes for the following areas: household appliances, cables, reinforced steel, asbestos cement, ceramic tiles, sanitary ware products, concrete, switches, etc.

ELOT Authentication Program

The process of issuing and maintaining ELOT/CMs-ELOT/CCs certificates is generally divided into the following steps:

Initial discussion/exchange of information

Initial inspection

Inspection after issuance of certificates

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