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SAA Australian Standards Australia International Limited is Australia's only standard certification body. Established in 1922, it was then named the Federal Engineering Standards Association of Australia and renamed the Australian Standards Association in 1929.


Safety certification (SAA) is required for all electrical products. Inspection institutions check the safety and reliability of electrical appliances through destructive tests of electrical appliances. For example, under high temperatures, they continuously overload electrical appliances to check their safety performance. Water leakage test should be carried out on the appearance of the washing machine to check whether there is electricity leakage. Unnormal use of electrical outlets to see if there are potential unsafe hazards and so on. Whether imported or assembled locally in Australia, electrical products must first pass the certification of Australian International Standards Corporation before entering the Australian market for sale. Different electrical products need different product quality certification.

Electrical appliances entering the Australian market must comply with local safety regulations, i.e. SAA certification, which is often faced by the industry. Due to the mutual recognition agreement between Australia and New Zealand, all products certified by Australia can enter the New Zealand market smoothly.

HTT Loop Testing and SAA Approvals Pty Ltd Australia has maintained a good cooperative relationship. Through the advanced testing equipment of the laboratory and the exquisite technology of professional engineers, HTT can provide SAA full-range testing and certification services for enterprises. Guarantee efficient and fast completion of SAA certification, so that products meet the export standards of Australia and New Zealand, and enhance the export efficiency of enterprises'products.

SAA Consultation Telephone: 0755-23595200

SAA Consultation QQ: 996655351

Electromagnetic Safety Requirements: Electronic and electrical products entering Australia, in addition to safety labels, there should also be EMC logo or c-tick logo.

The purpose is to protect the resources of the radio communication band. The implementation system is somewhat similar to the European EMC Directive. Therefore, self-declaration can be made by the manufacturer/importer. However, before applying for the C-tick logo, it must be tested according to the relevant CISPR standards. The report should be endorsed by Australian importers.  Australian ACA (Australian Commissioning Authority) accepts and issues registration numbers.

In Australia, EMC is monitored by ACA (Australian Communications Authority). Under Australian EMC system, products are divided into three categories. Suppliers must apply for C-TICK logo before they sell two or three categories of products.

One kind of products: low interference radiation products for equipment using wireless spectrum, such as manual switches, simple relays, one-way squirrel cage induction motors, resistors, etc. Such products may voluntarily apply for the use of c-tick marks in production and marketing.

Category II products: products with high interference radiation to equipment using wireless spectrum, such as switching power supply, welding machine, dimmer, most household appliances, etc.

Three types of products: products with high interference to devices using wireless spectrum, namely CISPR 11 and CISPR 22 coverage products. Since applicants applying for registration with the C-TICK logo in ACA are limited to registered companies in Australia or New Zealand, they can apply through buyers in Australia or New Zealand or by branch/partner accreditation agencies in Australia or New Zealand.

HTT ring-pass detection can provide efficient c-tick detection and certification services for enterprises. Please click here for c-tick introduction.

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