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Representatives of Eurofins came to guide the work

See: 25 Time: 2014-11-11

In order to strengthen communication and communication with domestic laboratories in China, as one of the fastest growing companies in the global testing industry. Mr. Chen Pengfei, Chief Engineer of Electronics and Electrical Appliances of Eurofins Continental Group, and his delegation visited Huantong Testing Company on April 12 for guidance.

The director of testing and marketing of Huantong introduced the company's main testing business and service scope in detail. The two sides focused on the international certification of CB, GS cooperation conducted close talks. At the meeting, the leaders of our company introduced in detail the major laboratories and equipment of our company, and discussed in depth with the representatives of Continental Group on the international certification cooperation scheme and the prospects of the certification industry. The meeting ended in a happy atmosphere. The talks deepened the cooperation between CITIC Testing and Continental Group, laying a solid foundation for better international business in the future.



The Continental Group was founded in Nantes, France. More than 10,000 trained staff from 150 laboratories around the world have mastered more than 100,000 reliable analytical methods and testing standards. Its headquarters is located in Brussels. It was listed on the Pan-European Stock Exchange of France in 1997, and then on the German Deutsche Stock Exchange in 2000.

The core business of Continental Group is to provide third-party testing, certification, analysis and identification services to governments, retailers, import and export traders, manufacturers and factories for household electronic and electrical products, consumer goods, industrial products, food, medicine, agricultural products and environment.

* Authorized by the German Accreditation Commission (ZLS), the International Electrotechnical Commission (IECEE) is the German National Accreditation Authority.

* Provide expert advice on drafting, revising and updating international standards (IEC) and European standards (EN);

* Our technical experts have been working for a long time in IECEE CB Program of the International Electric Commission and as IECEE CBTL auditors.

* Serving as a member of the expert panel of the German Accreditation Committee to provide expert advice on the use, modification and updating of German GS accreditation standards

ADD:7/F, Block A, Baoan Zhigu Science Park, 4 Yintian Road, Xixiang, Baoan District, Shenzhen
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