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How to Simplify the Understanding of REACH Authentication

See: 22 Time: 2014-11-11

At present, many enterprises are confused about REACH certification, and feel that although the regulation introduced by the EU is based on the integration of previous EU directives, the results of integration and upgrading become more complex and difficult to understand. In fact, as long as the essence of REACH certification is mastered, it is not difficult to understand.

REACH certification is based on the principle that industry itself is the most suitable role to control the impact of the EU in the production and marketing process. This requires industrial enterprises to have a complete understanding of their material production and potential risk control, and to ensure that enterprises fulfill their responsibilities and take action on highly concerned substances or take corresponding actions as a group.

The purpose of REACH certification is:

For producers and importers:

Submission of hazardous chemicals information.

Assess and manage the harmfulness of chemicals.

Register this chemical for all uses.

Ensure the availability of information on hazards caused by chemicals:

Available to users

For managers

For the public

Encourage the following industrial development

Substances less harmful to health

Substances less harmful to the environment

Support faster action by EU authorities on risks and hazards of chemical use.

Improving the competitiveness of EU chemical enterprises will be a good medicine for economic development.

Develop methods for assessing hazardous substances.

Ensuring the free flow of material in the internal market of the European Union.

All REACH certification compliance behavior is a communication process, as long as the data and resources can be effectively used to persuade management agencies, it can easily cross the REACH certification barrier.

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